PracticePower Coaching Video #1038 What Are Your State Management Standards?

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Let’s start off with a quick question. What are your standards in regards to your focus and energy levels when it comes to interacting with your clients and prospects? Are you committed to being at your best, or do you just show-up and “hope” you produce the desired results.

One key difference between an amateur and a professional is what I call “State Management”. The ability to manage your focus and energy levels when you are in an influence situation. It’s the ability of be clear on what outcome you want to create in advance of any interaction.

How many opportunities have you let slip away in your career because you just “mailed-it-in”? Here is the sad fact about this situation. You rob the potential client or your current clients of whatever your recommendation or opportunity was. You failed to have the power to influence them.

This will be our last call for our 2015 Business Planning Event. Click the link above for more details.

PracticePower Coaching Video #1034 How to Finish 2014 With Excellence

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I hope you are having a great and successful September. Before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving and holiday decorations will be up. This time of year, it’s so important that you are clear on what you have to accomplish in order to meet or exceed your goals that you wrote in your business plan.

The first thing that I want you to do is to do a complete review of your business plan and highlight those goals that you need to focus on to achieve them. Let’s make sure we know what we need to still accomplish. Many of you will probably be surprised on how well you have done even if you have not be reading your plan on a daily basis.

This brings me to a very important strategy. I recommend you create a simple list of all those goals, tasks, to-do’s that you must accomplish between know and year’s end. I call this your 2014 year-end punch-list. This simple document or spreadsheet will keep you organized.

There are 3 basic scenarios that advisors find themselves in going into the 4th quarter.

Scenario #1: You are killing it this year and you are really feeling great about things. Congrats, please keep in-mind that the main reason you are crushing it, is because you have your habits and behaviors in the right place. This must be daily so please don’t “sandbag” the 4th quarter.

Scenario #2: You are having a good year, yet some of your goals may feel lofty or getting harder to achieve. You need to double-down and 100% commit to keep attacking your goals. Please remember that none of us know what the next referral will bring or which client is going to have a liquidity event. The worst case is you create tremendous  momentum heading into 2015.

Scenario #3: Not much has gone right and you are now in survival mode. My guess is this might be somewhat of an annual occurrence for some. This is where you need to break your pattern and commit to using the rest of the year to create the habits, plan, focus, and execution that will allow 2015 to be your breakout year. This of the rest of 2014 as practice, pre-season, spring training, bootcamp, or whatever makes sense for you. Please don’t just think you can finish out 2014 and then like magic turn things around in 2015. Start that shift today.

One more thing. Next week you will be receiving a special invitation for me with information regarding our 2015 business planning event. There is something about going to a place with like-minded people with the sole purpose of designing your business and life. I hope to see you in Orlando in November.

Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #1024 7.17.14 Understanding Adversity

All of us will face some level of adversity in our business and lives. One of the keys that I have found to be a great help to me is mentally preparing for it. This does not mean that we think negatively or expect bad things to happen. I think of it like a disaster recovery plan for my business and life. One key trait successful people have is the ability to overcome whatever adversity shows up in their lives. In my video for today, let me give you my definition of adversity and some very important strategies that will help you overcome it. Also, there are a few slots open for our 3rd quarter Live Coaching & MasterMind days, your invited.

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #1023 7.16.14 The Myth of Hard Work

Do you work hard? Now before you answer that question, let me share with you my definition of hard work. If you have ever watched the show “The Deadliest Catch”, that is hard work. Repaving a road in Dallas in August is hard work. Putting a roof on in Miami in August is hard work. I think you get my point. None of us work hard. We put on nice clothes, go to our nice air-conditioned offices, and sit on our ass. Not a lot of physical energy expended there. What we do is have the gift and privilege of helping people achieve their life goals by investing and planning. That is very cool and BTW we can make 10x what the people that truly work hard. Wake-up everyday and be thankful that you chose this great profession.

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #1022 7.15.14 A Question That Get’s Me to Take Action

All of us from time-to-time run into a task or activity that we procrastinate around. I run across it most often when an advisor has to follow-up on a prospect to determine if that person is going to hire them. All of us paint pictures or we have that conversation with ourselves with the worst possible outcome. That they say no to us. Our emotions of fear and scarcity really add fuel to this fire. What you must do is control your mind and emotions by controlling the questions. The best question that I have use for myself in these situations is; “What is the worst that can happen?” If you can live with that outcome then go for it.

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #1019 7.09.14 Is Groundhog Day the Key to Success?

In my time as a coach, often I am presented with challenge of convincing a client that having a very similar Daily Game Plan is actually very good for business. Many advisors monkey with success because they get board with their day. If you stop and think about it, making calls, asking for introductions, doing reviews, and doing your Morning Success Ritual can get somewhat boring. Boring is a good thing. Boring is being effective. Boring is achieving your goals.

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #1014 6.30.14 My Del Mar Debrief

distinctions that came out of that meeting. Also, because this is both a holiday and Strategic week for me, I will be posting today, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I’ll be back on-line Monday, July 7th. The second half of 2014 is upon us, please make sure you schedule your half-time.

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #1013 6.27.14 Mid-Year Review and Some Exciting News

Welcome to Friday. This marks the end of the week and the 1st half of 2014! First, if you have not done so already, please make sure you schedule time to complete your first half review and benchmark. After that, you are going to want to make any edits and tweaks to your business plan. Now for the exciting news, some of you are aware that last year I founded the I-Advisor MasterMind group. I have watched the power of peer-to-peer mentoring and coaching. Earlier this year I held an individual 2-day MasterMind event in Dallas and saw great results and got great feedback from the participants. Starting in the 3rd quarter I will be hosting regularly scheduled single day PracticePower MasterMinds. If you are one of our Platinum Partners your registration fee is 100% waived. This make our Platinum Partner program truly unique in the industry.

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #1010 6.24.14 Your Focus Become Your Direction

Greeting from Del Mar CA. On my way across the country, I have plenty of time to reflect on my first half of 2014. All-in-all, I feel really good about the direction of my company. What’s is very interesting to me is the one major project that did not really move forward, the PracticePower App. Now as I think about it the primary reason why it did not happen is because I lost my focus on it. It stayed on my strategic project list and never made it into a Monthly Game Plan or strategic day. What I really learned is the simple fact that you must make time and focus on your important outcomes. Now about that app. It will be out in the 3rd quarter.

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #1009 6.23.14 Planning Your Mid-Year Break

Happy Monday and welcome to the start of another great week. Some of us are using this week and next to shift into Strategic time. I am off to Del Mar CA and then Boca Raton to take my mid-year break. Even if you can’t get away, it is very important to take a pause or halftime, to just unwind and relax. The reason why this is so important is the fact that we can go 24/7/365 with no downtime or “off-season”. You must plan using your “strategic calendar” to make sure you get some much needed R-in-R. What we do is very mentally and emotionally draining. The only way to recover and refill is by being away from our business for a bit. Have a great day and I look forward to chatting tomorrow.

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