Business Life Integration

For years I have been attempting to “balance”  both business and life. I set schedules, work both my strategic and tactical calendars. For me to do the “deep work” that is necessary for my business and clients, I had to re-think what time is and how to use a calendar. I started with a blank whiteboard and disregarded all the rules. What or listen to my new approach below.


PracticePower Academy Podcast #1135 “My Summer 2017 Guidelines For Clients”

The official start of summer is just around the corner. With that comes a set of unique challenges for most advisors. You want to get out and enjoy the summer weather. Maybe your children are out from school. It’s vacation time. Time for some golf and tennis perhaps. It’s barbecue and boats for many. With all that being said, it’s also time to continue to grow your business. Below is my Do’s and Don’ts to make your summer fun and still move your goals forward.

  • Buy into the belief that you can’t do business in the summer months.
  • Believe that you can “flip” the momentum switch come Labor Day.
  • Believe it’s OK to come into your office and “hang-out” and play office.
  • Punish yourself if your are not achieving success by “grounding” yourself to your office.

  • Maintain your Daily Success Discipline (DSD). That means Morning Success Ritual & Daily Game Plan
  • Take time off (Renewal Time) even if you don’t plan to travel.
  • Shift your schedule. Leave early. Golf Fridays.
  • Go and see your clients. Hit the road and visit them.
  • Set the stage for a great fall by “planting” business development seeds all summer.
  • Schedule fun clients events “picnics and pig roast” for all.

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PracticePower Academy Podcast # 1134 Advisor 2025 (A Preview of a Future Practice Model)

This podcast is a replay of a recent webcast that I hosted for PracticePower Academy Members. I go into a deep-dive on where the opportunities are for success over the next several years.
In this 75 min training, Coach Joe Lukacs will explain what the advisor of 2025 needs to look like, provide, charge, and be able to execute in order to be profitable and vibrant. This is an update to I-Advisor or Advisor 2015. We call it the Magellan Model.
You will learn:
- The 3 types of practice models and which is best for you.
- How to add value to client relationships for future growth.
- How advisors will charge for their services.
- What skills you will need to develop.

PracticePower Academy Podcast #1131 “Understanding Advisor Head-Trash”

What holds an advisor from creating their ideal life and business? Their intelligence? Their lack of resources? Their firm? Their Team? We can keep going, but I think you get my drift. As I dive deeper into creating my advisor P.O.S workshop (Personal Operating System), what holds you back is the basic fact you have some “trash” that must be felt with in order for you to take action and proactivity create your ultimate vision. Many advisors don’t want to go down this road because of their ego and arrogance. My advice, put that aside and you will start to see a transformation in yourself and your results

In this episode I will cover the following:

  • Ego & Arrogance the million dollar advisor tax
  • What defines “Head-Trash”
  • The direct effect to your success and bottom-line
  • Time to get real and “take the trash out”
  • Proven strategies to make the shift you need to make

This podcast is brought to you by PracticePower Academy, the financial service industry’s only 100% free coaching and training resource. Create your business plan, marketing plan, learn how to structure your mornings and days for success, access over 300 hours of training free.

PracticePower Academy Podcast #1130 “My Magellan MasterMind Debrief”

Last week I hosted our winter Magellan MasterMind meeting in beautiful Del Mar CA. This group meets twice a year to mastermind, brainstorm, and discuss what the business will look like in 10 years. We also look at how we and our businesses need to evolve in order to continue our growth. I decided to dedicate this podcast to briefing all of you on some of the key takeaways from our meeting.

In this episode I will cover the following:
  • Trends that I am seeing in our industry
  • Is flat fee asset management the future?
  • What does the practice of 2025 look like?
  • A brief overview of why your “P.O.S” is THE MOST important resource you have.

This podcast is brought to you by PracticePower Academy, the financial service industry’s only 100% free coaching and training resource. Create your business plan, marketing plan, learn how to structure your mornings and days for success, access over 300 hours of training free.


PracticePower Academy Podcast #1129 “Why You Must Have the Right Morning Success Ritual”

How you start each day has a profound impact on your level of productivity and output. Your day is usually won or lost in the first hour. It is my conviction, in order to maximize our success in the game of  business and life, we must have a positive and powerful “pre-game” ritual. All elite athletes have a pre-determined, pre-event process they execute in order to put themselves in the proper physical and emotional state to go compete and most importantly win! Do you put yourself in a position to win each day by how you approach the first hour of your day?

In this episode I will cover the following:

  • My study of athletes and how I translated my finding to advisors.
  • What not to do first thing in the morning.
  • The basic syntax of a great morning success ritual.
  • Some enhancements and options that will really amp your success.
  • Some morning success rituals examples of my clients.

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PracticePower Academy Podcast #1127 Understanding Your Personal Operating System (P.O.S)

I’m currently working on a new E-learning series of PracticePower Academy along with a live training presentation for my Magellan MasterMind. As I continue to deeply dive into the mind-set of advisors and myself, I have created a way of describing the way that we “operate” each day. I call this your “Personal Operating System” or P.O.S. for short. What make up your P.O.S.? It’s the combination of your Beliefs, Values, and the Rules associated with your Values. In this podcast I want to give you a preview and s short primer on why you need to understand your P.O.S.
In this episode let’s discuss:
  • What are beliefs and the different types.
  • What are Values and different types.
  • Why your Rules matter each day.
  • How all three have a massive impact on your success
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PracticePower Academy Podcast #1126 Why Advisors Fail

Last week I had the privilege of leading a private 2-day business planning event for a group of advisors in Scottsdale AZ. None of them have ever been through my business planning process. What’s unique about that event is participates can get private time with me to discuss their goals and plan for the new year.
Several had a great year in 2015 but failed to achieve their 2016 goals and most went backward. This brings me to my topic for today. What causes an advisors to go backward (fail)? Sometimes there are legitimate forces (health issues, personal issues, etc), they are in the minority. There are 2 main reasons what advisors stop growing or go backwards. First, they relax their standards. Second they assume their past success will equal future success.
In this podcast lets discuss:
  • Why standards are so important to success.
  • How to maintain or increase your standards.
  • Why assuming success can cost you millions.
  • What you see in the mirror every morning matters.
If you have a topic that you would like me to cover in future episodes, or have a questions please email me a

PracticePower Coaching Video #1038 What Are Your State Management Standards?

BrainFood   YouTube   2015 Business Planning

Let’s start off with a quick question. What are your standards in regards to your focus and energy levels when it comes to interacting with your clients and prospects? Are you committed to being at your best, or do you just show-up and “hope” you produce the desired results.

One key difference between an amateur and a professional is what I call “State Management”. The ability to manage your focus and energy levels when you are in an influence situation. It’s the ability of be clear on what outcome you want to create in advance of any interaction.

How many opportunities have you let slip away in your career because you just “mailed-it-in”? Here is the sad fact about this situation. You rob the potential client or your current clients of whatever your recommendation or opportunity was. You failed to have the power to influence them.

This will be our last call for our 2015 Business Planning Event. Click the link above for more details.

PracticePower Coaching Video #1036 It’s Always About the Fundamentals

BrainFood   YouTube   2015BizPlan Event

Welcome to the beginning of the fourth quarter. Please make sure you have a written game plan for the month of October. Now let’s get on to the topic at hand. I am often asked about the difference between someone who attains a high-level of success and those who struggle and sometimes fail out of our industry. My answer is always about the fundamentals. Let me share a few with you.

What’s the plan? You are in your own business no matter what your business card says and what other people tell you. You need 2 types of plans. You need a written business plan (we have a great tool for that on practice Why? Because you need to be clear on your intent and what exactly you are looking to accomplish.

How you start your day. Yes, I am speaking about your Morning Success Ritual. Until the day that I die, I will always tell anyone who will listen that in our business especially, you need your time in the AM to get your head right.

What do you what to achieve each day? The power of a written Daily Game Plan. The bottom line here is the following; No written plan equals a sideways, procrastination-filled, sub-par, and lost day. You must have a written plan because it’s so easy to become distracted and feel busy and get very little accomplished.

How do you talk to yourself? Yes, that’s right. I am speaking about how you communicate with yourself. Your internal dialog is so critical to your success, yet pretty much the whole industry is focused on practice management and ignoring mindset management.

I would love to see you in Orlando in November and let me help you create a great achievable plan for 2015. Click the link above for more information.