PracticePower Academy Podcast #1128 “What Truly Matters”

Welcome to a new month early in the new year. I thought that I would use this episode to address all the DOL noise that has surrounded our industry for over a year now. I do not have a crystal ball to determine what the future holds as far as regulation goes. I will leave that to the army of attorney’s and consultants to debate. I have been in this industry for nearly a quarter century. I have coached through the tech bubble, on-line brokers, the market crash of the fall on 2008, the rise of the robo-advisors, and now DOL.

Here is what I believe truly matters (in no particular order):

  • There is always some “threat” to your success.
  • That “threat” is always a hidden opportunity.
  • Your relationship with your clients is the MOST important aspect of your business.
  • Without the above, you have no business.
  • There are gainers and losers in all industry conditions. Just like the stock market.
  • You need to focus on yourself when it comes to your physical and emotional health,
  • You need to serve your clients at the highest level. Then reach higher.
  • Remember Pareto’s law of 80/20. Which side do you want to be on?
  • Think strategically and act tactically.

I have also decided to do something rather unique and profound for every advisor. I have decided to make PracticePower Academy 100% FREE for each advisor. Head over to PracticePower Academy and watch the short video on the into page.


Podcast #1121 How to Execute Your Mid-Year Review & Break

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the halfway point to 2016. Each year the pace seems to pick-up and the months just fly. In the episode, I want to break down for you the process of setting-up your mid-year review along with what you want to benchmark and how to review and tweak your 2016 business plan. I am also getting ready to start my own mid-year strategic window and my next podcast will be after the 4th of July holiday. In this podcast I will cover the following:

- Why you want to also schedule “half-time” each year.
- Best practices in setting-up your mid-year review.
- What area’s you want to benchmark and review
- How to review and tweak your business plan.
I am also looking for 10 advisors who are looking to double their business in the next 3-5 years. I have a one-of-a-kind 100% contingent coaching/partnering offer. Please email me at for more info and details.



PracticePower Blog #1043 What Causes Success or Slumps For Financial Advisors?


What causes a “success streak”? What causes a slump? I have studied and searched for the answer to these two questions my entire coaching career. My conclusion is very simple and straightforward. When a human being (FA) executes an empowering “pattern” it position that person for success. When a human being (FA) executes a dis-empowering “pattern” they sabotage their success. Got your attention? Listen to my latest blog for more answers and distinctions.

Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #996 6.04.14 Putting Out Client Fires Quickly

The other day as I was working with one of my personal coaching clients, the topic of an unsatisfied client came up. This is a relatively large client based on trailing 12 revenue and has been with my client for some time. The challenge is, they ALWAYS want to be beating the indexes when it comes to return. My video today is how to understand how a client’s values and rules ultimately shape their perceptions and actions.

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #950 4/01/14 Revising Your Plan

I hope you took the time to review and benchmark your 1st quarter of 2014. In that process, you probably discovered that some of your goals and plans need to be tweaked. This is one of the main reasons why we have put our entire business planning process online. The ability to go into a section and rewrite or tweak your desired outcome. What I am asking you to do is make sure you go and edit your plan so it reflects your current vision and thinking for the 2nd quarter. Have a great start to the new quarter and month and I will see you tomorrow.

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #928 2/28/14 Our End of February 2014 Debrief

Another month of 2014 is now in the books. Make sure over the next few days to schedule and complete your debrief. Take a look at your February monthly game plan and see how well you did in accomplishing your outcomes. Please pay close attention to how well your did with your morning success ritual, your daily game plan, and asking for introductions. Over the weekend, I want you to think about the two or three things you know you need to be better at in March. Also, I just completed our I-Advisor MasterMind meeting in Dallas. It was another powerful event. I can’t tell you how much I recommend participating in one of our upcoming events. Click the link below for more info.

For the month of  February, we will be extending our offer of a complimentary coaching call. Click here now and take action.

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #875 12/4/13 Why Do a Business Plan?

After two decades of coaching financial advisors, I find that 80% of them do not have a current business plan. So being that coach that I am, I ask the important question of why not. We all have to remember that we are responsible for our success. You current world is a direct product of your past commitments, beliefs, behaviors, and habits. In order to reach your full potential, you must have a roadmap or plan. Let me share with you some of my finding in today’s video. Remember our 2014 business planning center is now available on

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #816 9/9/13 Welcome to People Week

Happy Monday and welcome to people week. All this week I am going to share with you some key concepts and strategies on the business we are in. The people business. Let’s start off with the most important person you have to influence and sell…yourself.

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Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #771 7/03/13 Your Approach to the 2nd Half of 2013

As you review your goals at the mid-point of 2013, there is one point that I want to make to you. No matter where you are, ahead, behind, or on target. Never lower your standards or what you expect from yourself. Take a moment a review my video for today. Have a great 4th of July holiday and I will see you on Monday.Please make sure you have done your recap & review and have a well thought out July monthly game plan. Please register for our Practice Power Webinar ” How to Market to Your Warm Market”.

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If You Are Committed to Taking Your Results to the Next Level Watch the Video Below

Practice Power Daily Coaching Video #762 6/20/13 Never Give up on a Prospect

Today is a story of systems, beliefs, execution, and working the model. So many advisors give-up on a prospect because they get frustrated with their timeline. Today’s coaching video is a real-time of one of my teams that just executes the follow-up system.

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  • Review Your Monthly Game Plan
  • Create Your Daily Game Plan
  • Ask for Introductions
  • Track Your Results Daily
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