PracticePower Academy Podcast #1131 “Understanding Advisor Head-Trash”

What holds an advisor from creating their ideal life and business? Their intelligence? Their lack of resources? Their firm? Their Team? We can keep going, but I think you get my drift. As I dive deeper into creating my advisor P.O.S workshop (Personal Operating System), what holds you back is the basic fact you have some “trash” that must be felt with in order for you to take action and proactivity create your ultimate vision. Many advisors don’t want to go down this road because of their ego and arrogance. My advice, put that aside and you will start to see a transformation in yourself and your results

In this episode I will cover the following:

  • Ego & Arrogance the million dollar advisor tax
  • What defines “Head-Trash”
  • The direct effect to your success and bottom-line
  • Time to get real and “take the trash out”
  • Proven strategies to make the shift you need to make

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PracticePower Academy Podcast #1127 Understanding Your Personal Operating System (P.O.S)

I’m currently working on a new E-learning series of PracticePower Academy along with a live training presentation for my Magellan MasterMind. As I continue to deeply dive into the mind-set of advisors and myself, I have created a way of describing the way that we “operate” each day. I call this your “Personal Operating System” or P.O.S. for short. What make up your P.O.S.? It’s the combination of your Beliefs, Values, and the Rules associated with your Values. In this podcast I want to give you a preview and s short primer on why you need to understand your P.O.S.
In this episode let’s discuss:
  • What are beliefs and the different types.
  • What are Values and different types.
  • Why your Rules matter each day.
  • How all three have a massive impact on your success
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PracticePower Blog # 1046 What is the Life-Time Value of Your Client Relationships?




In my 2015 Business Planning Event that was held a few weeks ago in Orlando I brought up the topic and strategy of “Life-Time” value of a client. Few advisors understand how important and powerful it is to have a “number” so they can make optimal business decisions when it comes to marketing and business development.
Let me give you a basic scenario. Your average client has an annual fee of $5,000. You determine the average client engagement period is 10 years. That equals a MINIMUM Lifetime Value of $50,000. If you know that the average new client is worth a minimum of $50k to you, how much time and energy would you spend on referrals, client events, and enhancing the relationships of your clients.
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PracticePower Blog #1042 Is It Possible to Grow Too Fast?


As we get into business planning season, I want to share with you some of my personal insights into understanding that the key to long-term success is to grow your business at a sustainable pace that allows you to really be excited and enjoy the process. Setting growth goals that require you to sacrifice too much for too long will eventually lead to you sabotaging your plans.
I know this is a bit longer than my usual post, but I wanted to share this personal story.

PracticePower Blog Post #1040 Mico-Chunking

I want to share a strategy with you that has really worked well for me when I needed to really focus and eliminate distractions in my day. This is about really living and producing “in the moment”. This strategy is about taking your day and breaking it down to manageable and measurable chunks. I will also share with you self-accountability by using a simple timer. Have a listen and enjoy. Here is today’s BrainFood



PracticePower Coaching Video #1038 What Are Your State Management Standards?

BrainFood   YouTube   2015 Business Planning

Let’s start off with a quick question. What are your standards in regards to your focus and energy levels when it comes to interacting with your clients and prospects? Are you committed to being at your best, or do you just show-up and “hope” you produce the desired results.

One key difference between an amateur and a professional is what I call “State Management”. The ability to manage your focus and energy levels when you are in an influence situation. It’s the ability of be clear on what outcome you want to create in advance of any interaction.

How many opportunities have you let slip away in your career because you just “mailed-it-in”? Here is the sad fact about this situation. You rob the potential client or your current clients of whatever your recommendation or opportunity was. You failed to have the power to influence them.

This will be our last call for our 2015 Business Planning Event. Click the link above for more details.

PracticePower Coaching Video #1036 It’s Always About the Fundamentals

BrainFood   YouTube   2015BizPlan Event

Welcome to the beginning of the fourth quarter. Please make sure you have a written game plan for the month of October. Now let’s get on to the topic at hand. I am often asked about the difference between someone who attains a high-level of success and those who struggle and sometimes fail out of our industry. My answer is always about the fundamentals. Let me share a few with you.

What’s the plan? You are in your own business no matter what your business card says and what other people tell you. You need 2 types of plans. You need a written business plan (we have a great tool for that on practice Why? Because you need to be clear on your intent and what exactly you are looking to accomplish.

How you start your day. Yes, I am speaking about your Morning Success Ritual. Until the day that I die, I will always tell anyone who will listen that in our business especially, you need your time in the AM to get your head right.

What do you what to achieve each day? The power of a written Daily Game Plan. The bottom line here is the following; No written plan equals a sideways, procrastination-filled, sub-par, and lost day. You must have a written plan because it’s so easy to become distracted and feel busy and get very little accomplished.

How do you talk to yourself? Yes, that’s right. I am speaking about how you communicate with yourself. Your internal dialog is so critical to your success, yet pretty much the whole industry is focused on practice management and ignoring mindset management.

I would love to see you in Orlando in November and let me help you create a great achievable plan for 2015. Click the link above for more information.



PracticePower Coaching Video #1035 Understanding Leadership & Teams

BrainFood  YouTube  2015 Business Planning

As we get ready to close out the 3rd quarter of 2014, let’s take a moment and take a look at the concept of leadership and financial advisors. In my research in creating a new team leadership program for a corporate client, I discovered there is not a ton of information out there.

When most advisors get into our business, it’s because of their desire to help people, their love for stocks and the market, a knack for financial planning, or basically anything other than building and leading a team.

In reality, all of us are leaders at some level. Even if you share a sales assistant you need to accept the fact you have to manage/lead your people. I can’t count how many times a coaching client of mine came to a call frustrated about a member of their team. When I do a deep-dive with the client it almost always a clear lack of leadership and really working with that team member to maximize their contribution or even just a clear job description.

In this video I want to share with you some of my observation and give you some very clear distinctions of leadership and success. Also, please don’t forget to register for our 2015 Business planning Event.


PracticePower Coaching Video #1034 How to Finish 2014 With Excellence

BrainFood   YouTube

I hope you are having a great and successful September. Before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving and holiday decorations will be up. This time of year, it’s so important that you are clear on what you have to accomplish in order to meet or exceed your goals that you wrote in your business plan.

The first thing that I want you to do is to do a complete review of your business plan and highlight those goals that you need to focus on to achieve them. Let’s make sure we know what we need to still accomplish. Many of you will probably be surprised on how well you have done even if you have not be reading your plan on a daily basis.

This brings me to a very important strategy. I recommend you create a simple list of all those goals, tasks, to-do’s that you must accomplish between know and year’s end. I call this your 2014 year-end punch-list. This simple document or spreadsheet will keep you organized.

There are 3 basic scenarios that advisors find themselves in going into the 4th quarter.

Scenario #1: You are killing it this year and you are really feeling great about things. Congrats, please keep in-mind that the main reason you are crushing it, is because you have your habits and behaviors in the right place. This must be daily so please don’t “sandbag” the 4th quarter.

Scenario #2: You are having a good year, yet some of your goals may feel lofty or getting harder to achieve. You need to double-down and 100% commit to keep attacking your goals. Please remember that none of us know what the next referral will bring or which client is going to have a liquidity event. The worst case is you create tremendous  momentum heading into 2015.

Scenario #3: Not much has gone right and you are now in survival mode. My guess is this might be somewhat of an annual occurrence for some. This is where you need to break your pattern and commit to using the rest of the year to create the habits, plan, focus, and execution that will allow 2015 to be your breakout year. This of the rest of 2014 as practice, pre-season, spring training, bootcamp, or whatever makes sense for you. Please don’t just think you can finish out 2014 and then like magic turn things around in 2015. Start that shift today.

One more thing. Next week you will be receiving a special invitation for me with information regarding our 2015 business planning event. There is something about going to a place with like-minded people with the sole purpose of designing your business and life. I hope to see you in Orlando in November.

PracticePower Coaching Video #1033 Let’s Talk About Sabotaging Your Success

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As summer comes to a close and we get ready for the fall push to achieve our goals, let me share with you the strategies that advisors use to sabotage their success. Just like success leaves clues, failure does also. I have a list of over 20 “Sabotage Strategies” Here are just a few for this post.

Sabotage Strategy #1: An advisor who does not have a written business and life plan and review it on a daily basis, ends up in wandering through their career, making some good money, and they miss out on greatness. Many advisors really do not know how to create a proper plan and then integrate it into their daily business and life.

Sabotage Strategy #2: Let’s just wake-up and show-up. This is the operating pattern of most average advisors. There is not a concept around creating a Morning Success Ritual –this is where you would review your business plan BTW. Instead let’s get up put the news on and dive into our email inbox. Let’s rush to get onto the office, then for the rest of the day, let’s be reactive and “play office”. Think about the days that you actually had a plan for and had clarity of intent. I bet you had a higher level of productivity that day and had some great outcome. Why don’t you do that everyday?

Sabotage Strategy #3: Being impatient. Over my career, I have watched advisors try a new strategy or approach for a few days or weeks. When they don’t see immediate results, they figure (incorrectly BTW), the strategy must not work and let’s try something new, or worse–let’s go back to the old way. This is like a farmer planing a crop, watering and fertilizing it, waking up one day just before its about to sprout, and determining it’s not going to work. They plow it under–to start all over again. I see this especially in the marketing and business development areas. Advisors don’t see any short-term results and they abandon the strategy.

Please enjoy the next few weeks. Make sure you create a powerful and focused September Monthly Game Plan. Our 2015 Business Planning Event will be held November 21-22 in Orlando FL. Please mark the date in your calendars.

Some of you have asked me for my list of Brainfood here is what I have been reading and watching.