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While my coaching work has been vetted by over 2500 financial advisors over 25 years, a savvy advisor always does their research first. I’m glad your research has brought you to my site. Let’s have a call about your vision.

What to Expect

Your Intro Call with Coach Joe Lukacs

Let me take some mystery out of your FREE Intro Call:

  • It’s a half-hour and it will be focused on you and your business. It’s NOT a pitch session or presentation (what I offer can’t be sold).
  • You will receive strategies that I have developed by executing over 52,000 individual coaching sessions with my personal clients.
  • If after our conversation, we both feel there is potential for a successful relationship, we will schedule an interview/evaluation call to do a deep dive into your business.

Because it is important we BOTH get the right fit, I do not charge for the intro call.

I am looking forward to our conversation, and finding out about you, your business, and what your vision is for both.

Below, you will find a short form that will help me get to know you better. Next, you will find a link to my schedule that will allow you to choose a mutually convenient call time.

How You and I Determine Our
Coaching Fit

The Process

Step 1: Intro Call

30 Minute Call


Your Story

Your Vision

Your Obstacles





Step 2: Evaluation



Deep Dive Discussions

X-Factor Benchmarks

Review of Goals & Biz Plan

Review of Current Rituals

Let’s Talk Mindset

Coach’s Recommendations

Step 3: Plan

Your Custom Game Plan


Your Custom Plan

How I Will Help You

Resources You Have Access To

Economics & ROI


Start Date

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