The Platinum Partnership

From the Desk of Joseph Lukacs


After almost 25 Years “Coaching” Financial Advisors, I have decided to shift from just “Coaching” advisors and instead, invest and partner with Independent Advisors and RIAs to increase their revenue by 100%-200%.

Over my near quarter-century of coaching Financial Advisors, I have developed a broad knowledge base and stockpile of intellectual capital, mindset shifts, strategies, leverage & optimization, just to name a few. When deployed with the “right” client this leads to tremendous sustainable growth in not only income but also net worth for my client.

As one of the first coaches in the industry (1994), I now want to be one of the first, if not the only, that will “partner” with an advisor. I want to assume all the risk, and not ask for one dollar for myself.  I will mentor, consult, strategize, team, and coach my advisor partners to achieve all their economic goals and also create their ideal life. In essence, I am committed to getting my partners economic abundance and time freedom.

The paradigm shift is 180 degrees. Instead of you paying the coach and “hope” the engagement works, I am going to “invest in” you and your business. As I believe by partnering with you, we can grow both your revenue and practice value exponentially.

What am I bringing to the table? I am bringing with me over 25,000 hours of hands-on experience working with some of the most successful Financial Advisors in the industry.

By partnering with myself and my team of experts, you will have access to all the “brain power” and experience that will be required for you to achieve all your goals, dreams, and visions.

Now you may be asking yourself what’s in it for Joe. It is very simple. All I am asking for is a small percentage of any additional revenue that we produce together. I receive no equity in your business. That is 100% yours and your family.

What are the steps to see if we are a good fit? The reality is, as I am assuming all the economic risk and as I have only so much time to commit to this venture, you just can’t “hire” me. The first step is to schedule an initial interview just to discuss your situation, and I can give you more details on the partnership.

If after the interview, we both feel there is a good possibility of a win-win relationship. We then will proceed to a strategic planning and evaluation phase for several weeks to flush out your vision, goals, obstacles, roadblocks, and opportunities. I do this at no cost or fee to you.

After we complete the evaluation phase, we will agree to the terms of our partnership and I then will bring everything that I have to ensure your success because your success is my success.

Who is a great candidate? Here are some examples.

  • I am looking for independent advisors and RIAs who have a modest level of success, and they know they are not tapping into all their potential. Their growth is stuck and needs a breakthrough.
  • I am also looking for independent advisors/RIAs who are within ten years of transition who what to maximize the value of their business by ramping-up their revenue.
  • If you are looking to grow your business by either acquisition of another practice or recruiting advisors to your firm. I have worked with many of my clients to build their practices.
  • Wirehouse advisors who have transitioned to the independent/RIA side of the business and want to create something special for themselves and their family.

Have an interest? Please complete the short form below and you and I will have a confidential interview scheduled.

Fill out my online form.

Some Quotes From Our Platinum Partners:

“Joe: I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the past 12 months. You began coaching us in April 2003 and since then we have doubled our production and there is still much more room to grow. I have attended each of your retreats and every time I come home rejuvenated with new ideas, new energy and best of all new networking friends in our business. I really appreciate that you are there whenever I have a question or concern regarding my business, whether it be on a personal level or professional level. I have the utmost confidence in your integrity too. I hope that we will be able to continue our very productive coach and player relationship for many years to come. I know if we do that it will be beneficial to both of us, (me in production and self improvement and you in income) Thanks again for everything. My life and business are much less stressful and more productive with you as my coach.”
- Beth R. Chapman

“Joe, sometimes I forget how important it is to come face to face with you and the others’ at these retreats. Invariably we all get pumped but there were so many super ideas from you and the group that I’ve already made money that I wouldn’t have had I not come. I’m refreshed, refocused, and ready to meet or surpass my lofty goals. Thanks for your constant focus on my behalf!”
– Rick

“Joe brings to the table a unique skill set that includes a very different approach to creating wealth and balance; two areas in my professional life that in the past seemed diametrically opposed and eluded me. Joe is certainly an “out- of- the -box” creative thinker in the financial services arena. He actively pushes you once engaged to create your own destiny despite any poor behavior patterns you might bring to the table. He will smell your excuse or negative belief system a mile away. Joe requires you to establish rules for success and lives by the same. One of the rules that have helped me grow my practice well over 300% in the past two years is to constantly make emotional deposits in the way of personal and professional development. Tiger Woods has a Guru/Coach, why can’t you? Take the Journey with Joe; it will not be a waste of your time or his.”
- Mark F. Scribner, CFS Proactive Wealth Management Group, Inc

“I have been with Joe for a number of years. Over this period of time Joe has been, as my staff say ( a God Send for Floyd). In fact I am not sure I could stop our agreement even if I wanted to for fear of a staff rebellion. Joe helps me stay on track because he truly cares if I improve or not. Over the last 30 some odd years I have been engaged at one time or another with most of the Big Name Coaches. But I never truly felt they cared as much about my success over theirs? Joe makes me feel as if I am the only person he is coaching.”
- Floyd Shilanski, Owner, Shianski and Associates inc

“He has helped out a lot. he is professional, consistent. he is a pleasure to work with. as for results I have seen a 50% plus increase each year for the passed two years.”
- Jeremy O’Brien


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