PracticePower Academy Podcast #1130 “My Magellan MasterMind Debrief”

Last week I hosted our winter Magellan MasterMind meeting in beautiful Del Mar CA. This group meets twice a year to mastermind, brainstorm, and discuss what the business will look like in 10 years. We also look at how we and our businesses need to evolve in order to continue our growth. I decided to dedicate this podcast to briefing all of you on some of the key takeaways from our meeting.

In this episode I will cover the following:
  • Trends that I am seeing in our industry
  • Is flat fee asset management the future?
  • What does the practice of 2025 look like?
  • A brief overview of why your “P.O.S” is THE MOST important resource you have.

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PracticePower Academy Podcast #1129 “Why You Must Have the Right Morning Success Ritual”

How you start each day has a profound impact on your level of productivity and output. Your day is usually won or lost in the first hour. It is my conviction, in order to maximize our success in the game of  business and life, we must have a positive and powerful “pre-game” ritual. All elite athletes have a pre-determined, pre-event process they execute in order to put themselves in the proper physical and emotional state to go compete and most importantly win! Do you put yourself in a position to win each day by how you approach the first hour of your day?

In this episode I will cover the following:

  • My study of athletes and how I translated my finding to advisors.
  • What not to do first thing in the morning.
  • The basic syntax of a great morning success ritual.
  • Some enhancements and options that will really amp your success.
  • Some morning success rituals examples of my clients.

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PracticePower Academy Podcast #1128 “What Truly Matters”

Welcome to a new month early in the new year. I thought that I would use this episode to address all the DOL noise that has surrounded our industry for over a year now. I do not have a crystal ball to determine what the future holds as far as regulation goes. I will leave that to the army of attorney’s and consultants to debate. I have been in this industry for nearly a quarter century. I have coached through the tech bubble, on-line brokers, the market crash of the fall on 2008, the rise of the robo-advisors, and now DOL.

Here is what I believe truly matters (in no particular order):

  • There is always some “threat” to your success.
  • That “threat” is always a hidden opportunity.
  • Your relationship with your clients is the MOST important aspect of your business.
  • Without the above, you have no business.
  • There are gainers and losers in all industry conditions. Just like the stock market.
  • You need to focus on yourself when it comes to your physical and emotional health,
  • You need to serve your clients at the highest level. Then reach higher.
  • Remember Pareto’s law of 80/20. Which side do you want to be on?
  • Think strategically and act tactically.

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PracticePower Academy Podcast #1127 Understanding Your Personal Operating System (P.O.S)

I’m currently working on a new E-learning series of PracticePower Academy along with a live training presentation for my Magellan MasterMind. As I continue to deeply dive into the mind-set of advisors and myself, I have created a way of describing the way that we “operate” each day. I call this your “Personal Operating System” or P.O.S. for short. What make up your P.O.S.? It’s the combination of your Beliefs, Values, and the Rules associated with your Values. In this podcast I want to give you a preview and s short primer on why you need to understand your P.O.S.
In this episode let’s discuss:
  • What are beliefs and the different types.
  • What are Values and different types.
  • Why your Rules matter each day.
  • How all three have a massive impact on your success
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PracticePower Academy Podcast #1126 Why Advisors Fail

Last week I had the privilege of leading a private 2-day business planning event for a group of advisors in Scottsdale AZ. None of them have ever been through my business planning process. What’s unique about that event is participates can get private time with me to discuss their goals and plan for the new year.
Several had a great year in 2015 but failed to achieve their 2016 goals and most went backward. This brings me to my topic for today. What causes an advisors to go backward (fail)? Sometimes there are legitimate forces (health issues, personal issues, etc), they are in the minority. There are 2 main reasons what advisors stop growing or go backwards. First, they relax their standards. Second they assume their past success will equal future success.
In this podcast lets discuss:
  • Why standards are so important to success.
  • How to maintain or increase your standards.
  • Why assuming success can cost you millions.
  • What you see in the mirror every morning matters.
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PracticePower Academy Podcast #1125 Creating Momentum in January for the New Year

Welcome to 2017 and I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I wanted to spend a few minutes today giving you some strategies that I have used with my coaching clients that really starts off the year the right way. January is a critical month to “get off the blocks” the right way.
Let’s discuss:
  • The status of your 2017 business plan
  • Why rituals and habits are more important than revenue
  • Why January must be your heaviest contact month of the year
Remember, your past does not equal your future. Make 2017 the year you commit to do the work of being successful.
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Podcast #1124 Client Hybrid Events, How’s Business?, and some Member Questions

I am off traveling and see clients the next few weeks, so I thought that I would share some other content and have you experience some live Q&A. This podcast is actually a recording of a coaching webcast that I did recently for the members of I cover several topics along with taking some questions from attendees. It’s about 45 minutes in duration. Below is the agenda for the webcast: (Note: The Member Q/A has a lot of great strategies).

The Purpose of These Webcast:
  • Offer the member community a chance to connect with me. Interactive vs. static
  • Bring members strategies that I am using with my clients today
  • An opportunity to ask a question and leverage my experience
  • A major shift from PracticePower to PracticePower Academy

Coach Joe’ Topic for the Week:
  • The Power of “Hybrid” Client Events
  • How’s Business Question

Member Questions:
  • James E:  I’m buying a book, and meeting the clients over the next 90 day’s. What do I say?
  • Jeanne S: How to build trust quickly with new clients.
  • Andy T: My assistant is stressing me out, they can seem to get the job done.

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Podcast #1123 Excellence is all about the basics

Welcome to the start of the 2nd half of 2016. I hope you took my advice from my last podcast and took some time off to create your mid-year break. Over the last few weeks I have traveled to meet with clients and lead a 2-day training program. I love to get out and meet with advisors to hear about how they approach their business.

I will agree that compliance and the new DOL regulations will add a layer of complexity to advisors businesses. Those are unavoidable. What is 100% avoidable is advisors getting caught-up in a multitude of tasks that can be delegated and distractions that can be eliminated.

Let’s get down to what truly matters. The basics. Just like campion athletes focus on mastering the basics of their sport, advisors must also commit to mastery of our basics. In this episode, I will cover the following:

- The physiology of limitations.
- The “basics” of our business.
- My deconstruction process.
- How to make changes that last.
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Podcast #1121 How to Execute Your Mid-Year Review & Break

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the halfway point to 2016. Each year the pace seems to pick-up and the months just fly. In the episode, I want to break down for you the process of setting-up your mid-year review along with what you want to benchmark and how to review and tweak your 2016 business plan. I am also getting ready to start my own mid-year strategic window and my next podcast will be after the 4th of July holiday. In this podcast I will cover the following:

- Why you want to also schedule “half-time” each year.
- Best practices in setting-up your mid-year review.
- What area’s you want to benchmark and review
- How to review and tweak your business plan.
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Podcast #1121 Your Summer Game Plan

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, let’s discuss your approach to your summer. I will admit, there can be a different “rhythm” to your business in the summer months. Vacations, kids out of school, summer hobbies (golf anyone?), can all be enjoyable pursuits. In my experience, the worst possible approach to this summer cycle, is to have no plan, no summer schedule, and just hang-out in your office. In this podcast I will cover the following.

- Why it’s important to have a disciplined schedule.
- Giving yourself permission to enjoy the summer.
- How to keep your business growth momentum.
- How to combine summer and business development.
I am also looking for 10 advisors who are looking to double their business in the next 3-5 years. I have a one-of-a-kind 100% contingent coaching/partnering offer. Please email me at for more info and details.