If you are reading this, it means that one of my clients has referred you to me or you have decided to reach out and find out if  I can help you. I am looking forward to our call and finding out about you, your business, and what your vision is for both. Below you will find a short form that will give me some basic info. Below the form is a link to my schedule that will allow you to choose a mutually convenient call time. After you complete the form, go and pick your call slot. Let me take some mystery out of our call. It’s a half hour and it will be focused on you and your business. It’s NOT a pitch session or presentation by me (what I offer can’t be sold). I’m going to help you by giving you some strategies that I have developed by executing over 50,000 individual coaching sessions with my personal clients.  If after our conversation, we both feel there is potential for a successful relationship, we will schedule a one-hour evaluation call to do a deep dive into your business. Because it is important we BOTH get the right fit, I do not charge for either call. Complete the form now and I look forward to our conversation