What My Coaching Clients Say…




“I signed a contract with Joe in the midst of tremendous conflict and it was the best thing I could have done. Joe has a true commitment to me and my family. I had coached with a big name in the past, and while that program did work, Joe has close contact with me and I feel he has me attaining my goals as his primary objective. I recently attended his retreat, which was well worth the time and money. In the midst of this economy, I feel better than I have about my business and the future than I have in many years! Thanks Joe.”Eric Dorman, Certified Financial Planner

“I have worked with Coach Joe for over 5 years now. I wish I had hired him 10 years ago when I first started in this business. Joe has helped me realize my fears and how to work through them. One of the most important things he has helped with is creating a business plan and then keeping me accountable for the goals I have established for both personal and business. I am excited as we continue to work toward his Advisor 2015 model for my practice. I know there are all kinds of coaches and coaching groups out there, but if you want one that truly cares about you and your success, you need to hire Joe.”Phillip Statler

“Joe has helped me grow my business by staying focused on what’s important. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to grow their business.”John Kamkutis, Vice President: Wealth Management, Smith Barney

“I have worked with Joe for over 10 years. He has helped me be more productive, focused, and consistent in my everyday activities, which has helped me produce more consistent results. He has helped me be more accountable to myself, and has provided me structure and a process to my daily game-plan. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their results in their professional life, as well as their personal everyday life! I consider Joe both a great friend and business partner. “Scott A. Hoke, CLU, ChFC

“Joe has been my business coach for over 10 years and has helped me grow my business from barely making it to a top financial advisory firm. The help from Joe has not only been in growing the business, but growing it around the lifestyle that I want for me and my family. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone who wants to strive to have their ideal life.”Andy Tupler

“Joe’s guidance, knowledge, and support has helped me radically change my professional and personal life. I would not be where I am today without him. He’s worth every penny. Thanks Joe!”Brooks Cory AAMS®

“Joe does a wonderful job of keeping me motivated, inspired, and focused on my business. He also keeps me
apprised of new marketing, sales and business ideas. He is my most important partner in this business and has been for over 4 years!”Jill Norris

“I simultaneously interviewed several coaches in 2008. Joe was the only coach that systematically allowed me to interview him over a series of 4 focused conversations where I felt he was very much interested in my best interest. I was overwhelmed when we first started working together because, for the first time in my 10 year career, Joe introduced me to a system that held me consistently accountable in keeping my promises to myself.

There were a few areas in managing my advisory/planning practice where Joe gave me permission to create a business that dares to be enjoyable and manageable. I am now working as if I am never going to retire. I am much happier which is facilitating my ability to be genuine and effective with doing what I love… helping people be informed and in control of their financial future.

I imagine Joe works with each client differently, but after a year of learning to work with each other I gave Joe permission to not mince words if he notices me deviating from what I am working to accomplish. I can do this because Joe is highly focused and truly cares about my ability to succeed. The value of having Coach Joe work with me is immeasurable.”Mary LaPlante

“I have worked with Coach Joe for 7 years now. I attribute much of my success as a financial adviser to Joe for the guidance and understanding he has brought to my practice. Joe consistently delivers on helping me evolve my practice, work through my challenges, and inspires me to be better each and every day. I cannot imagine working today without a partner like Coach Joe.”Paul Merritt

“Coach Joe has been critical to our success, not only in business, but in life. His coaching style makes us feel like he is not just a consultant but an integral part of our team. We are at the top of our game with Joe at our side. If you are just starting in the business, or a seasoned veteran, remember: even Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have coaches. Don’t think about hiring Joe. JUST DO IT.”Anthony Parr, CFP®

“Coach Joe has been the best money I have spent in the industry to date. I can not say enough about the great value he brings, the clear thinking, and his friendship. I count him as one of my hidden assets in the world.”Mark Young

“I’m thrilled to have the privilege of working with Joe Lukacs. His practical, straightforward approach is a breath of fresh air. Not only does he have a phenomenal grasp of the intricacies of the investment industry, he is able to translate this knowledge to innovative success strategies to others. He sees the big picture, and naturally shares his knowledge in ways that only help and improve those around him. And, his site ! A must sign-up for any financial advisor.”Elaine Christakos

“He is every one of the other four categories that I could not check. Joe is so personable, he provides excellent value, he is always on time, and he is creative, and in a short time will come to know you and what makes you tick. He will understand you and what your needs are. I am too limited in my vocabulary as to how highly I think of Joe and how upbeat I am about my future because of him.”Howard Graham

“I hired Joe in October of 2004. He has been a big help in getting me to the next level of my financial planning practice. The thing I find most helpful is his ability to help me create a business plan every year that has some meaning and that we actually use. I would recommend Joe to anyone in the financial planning industry that wants to improve their practice.”Phillip Statler

“Joe has been an important asset in our business building and team management. Tiger Woods has a coach, and so do we.”Larry J. Shaw

“Joe is a coach to financial advisors with over 15 years of experience. He understands our business and knows how to advise Financial Advisors on all production levels.”Scott Abramson, CRPC®, CRPS®

“Joe’s advice and creativity has been a crucial component of my success in the financial services business. He understands what it takes to succeed. He frequently reevaluates the landscape, and consequently tailors his strategic advice to fit.

I highly recommend you hire Joe if you are serious about your business.”Fredrik Borstad

“I have hired Coach Joe to be my Business Coach. After interviewing several other coaches, and reading his articles and book, I decided that Coach Joe’s methods could help me take my business to the next level. He has helped me to improve my practice by working with me to define my practice, beliefs, values and skills. Joe has helped me to focus on what is important to increase revenue, efficiency and effectiveness. I recommend Joe’s services to any Advisor who knows that even the best can be better.”Christopher Balcerowiak AAMS®

“He has helped out a lot. he is professional and consistent. He is a pleasure to work with. As for results, I have seen a 50%-plus increase each year, for the past two years.”Jeremy O’Brien

“Joe brings to the table a unique skill set that includes a very different approach to creating wealth and balance; two areas in my professional life that in the past seemed diametrically opposed and eluded me.

Joe is certainly an “out-of-the-box” creative thinker in the financial services arena. He actively pushes you once engaged to create your own destiny despite any poor behavior patterns you might bring to the table. He will smell your excuse or negative belief system a mile away.

Joe requires you to establish rules for success and lives by the same. One of the rules that have helped me grow my practice well over 300% in the past two years is to constantly make emotional deposits in the way of personal and professional development.

Tiger Woods has a Guru/Coach, why can’t you?

Take the Journey with Joe; it will not be a waste of your time or his.”Mark F. Scribner, CFS Proactive Wealth Management Group, Inc.

“I have been with Joe for a number of years. Over this period of time Joe has as my staff say (a godsend for Floyd) In fact, I am not sure I could stop our agreement even if I wanted to for fear of a staff rebellion.

Joe helps me stay on track because he truly cares whether I improve or not.

Over the last 30 some-odd years I have been engaged at one time or another with most of the Big Name coaches. But I never truly felt they cared as much about my success over theirs. Joe makes me feel as if I am the only person he is coaching.”Floyd Shilanski

“I worked with Joe for a couple of years and only stopped because I sold my practice and relocated. The best way to convey how much he helped me was when he asked me if it was “possible” to earn $30,000 of commissions in one month. It was far more than I had ever done and I said “No, that’s not possible.” Joe helped me to believe that it WAS possible and that month I broke through the $30,000/month barrier.

If you are in the financial services industry and want to grow your business, give Joe a try. I can guarantee that if YOU do the work and follow his guidance, you will see the results you are looking for. Bear in mind – no coach is a magician. No one can make you succeed. Only you can do that. A good coach like Joe, can help you make it happen and happen much more quickly than you are likely to accomplish on your own.

I strongly endorse Joe.”Pete Winer

“Joe Lukacs is a skilled professional who knows his audience and their needs. His work with hundreds of financial professional has resulted in increased revenues, less stress and better work-life balance. I highly recommend Joe as a career coach and mentor.”Mitch Vigeveno

“At the end of 2006 I was fried, out of gas, and lost as to how to make a step-change with my practice. Fortuitously, I was on a Horsesmouth conference call where I was first exposed to Joe Lukacs. Talk about congruency – everything the man said seemed so right-on, so logical and made so much sense – I was hooked. I was and still am knocked–out with the concepts Joe advocates. His guidance and beliefs are not silver-bullet, canned miracles for your business, but rather, solid pragmatic things you must do to achieve and maintain success both in your professional and personal life.” Pamela Malara, Financial Consultant

“Andrew, during the last 6 months you have helped me increase my average monthly income by 25%. More importantly, I am beginning to recognize increased opportunities to do more for my clients and myself. After 18 years in the business, I am set in my ways, but you are showing me that it can be different; more fun, and more profitable going forward. In fact, I am confident that I will be looking back a year from now at one of my best years ever.” Sam Dameron , CFP, Branch Manager
Persike and Dameron Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.

“Working with David has been an incredible high for me, and it couldn’t have come at a better time in my business life. Six months or so ago I was seriously considering hanging it up. David helped me to re-focus if you will, by teaching me and coaching me to reach a level I never thought possible. We concentrated on my current client base as a starter and developed a tracking system that allowed me to know who are my clients at a glance, how much revenue they were generating and what kind and how much was left behind. David also helped me to develop a tracking system of following-up on a consistent basis, therefore creating a relationship of compassion and care, therefore an increase of trust, confidence that created more revenue and increase of client base without the additional expense of marketing. David’s professionalism has also created enthusiasm in my approach by the way I conduct myself with clients both old and new, and as a result I am experiencing a better than 75% increase in my revenue stream as well as an increase in “Quality” client base. Thank you David for helping me lift the…self imposed ceiling I had placed on my abilities. Coming to work is fun once again, and looking forward to working with you for a long time.

Thank you!” Fred J Pascaris, CSA

“Joe’s coaching has enabled me to become focused on my business as a business once again. My organization has come together with common goals and visions. The weekly coaching calls keep me on track and has produced a more steady business flow and income stream. My business is up 75% since retaining Joe as my coach. ” Alan Alderfer, LPL

“Joe is not only a great source of information but he is a great inspiration as well. He plays a critical part in the success of our team and I highly recommend his coaching services.” Douglas Chapman
Senior Financial Strategist, Ford Financial Group, Phoenix Life Insurance

“I’ve worked with Joe for the past year and it’s changed my business. I had established a successful practice prior to meeting Joe, but he has worked with me to evaluate it, fine tune it, and approach the future of it headed in some new directions. His best technique is FOCUS and with him, I’m looking forward to taking my practice to a higher level than I could have ever anticipated. The time we spend together is just for me and I’ve had the privilege of working with an EXPERT. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.” Tom L. Hall CLU, ChFC, Rancho Santa Fe Insurance & Financial Services

“For over a year I had been working on building a successful brokerage operation in five bank branches. My plan was to design a system that would generate a steady stream of referrals, build a team that would provide the highest level of professional service to new and existing clients, and free up my time to help people with their financial goals. I read the “How to Books” and all the broker success articles I could find. I had all the best ideas but they weren’t working for me. The ideas were working me harder and longer. Then I read an article by Coach Joe and responded to the invitation at the end, which simply said “List 3 goals/issues you are working on” From the first meeting, Coach Joe showed me how to break my goals down into the basic fundamental steps. He has kept me focused on the fundamentals, and as a result, the frustration has been replaced with the anticipation of seeing goals accomplished.” Wilma Anderson, The LTC Coach

“Our team has been using Joe as our coach since the beginning of the year- we are now annualizing at over $1,000,000 for the year an increase of 100% over last year’s numbers.” Tom Cote, LPL Financial Services

“If you want to move out of your “comfort zone” and into a zone that will challenge you beyond your imagination, hire Joe! Joe is the best thing that ever happened to my business. I hired Joe in Oct. 2000 after only 18 months in the business. Not only did my business move to realms I would have never conceived, but I re-created my life plan. I live a balanced life that entails a successful practice as a comprehensive wealth management advisor while being a mom to three awesome kids, actively serving several charitable organizations, and finding myself happier and healthier than ever before. Creating a business plan to chart my life plan has been the ticket to having it all. Who would have ever though that a professional single mom could live life so abundantly in the worst bear market since the Great Depression?” Claudia Barkmier, R. W. Baird

“From day one, I have been on the independent side of the financial planning business. The burden of getting clients, keeping clients, and everything in between, seemed enormous and sometimes impossible. From marketing to appointment models to client follow-ups, Joe helped me simplify and streamline the process. The bottom line has been more production, more income and more family time. ” Janet Woods, Financial Advisor, UBS PaineWebber

“There is one reason I am still in the business — Joe. Thanks Coach!! Phil Gusick

“Joe has helped me clarify and prioritize my goals and given me a sounding-board to refine ideas and concepts. The results have been higher production and more time for my family!!” Keith Simons, CIBC Oppenheimer Co.

I have been using Joe for about seven months and he has helped me tremendously keeping focused on my marketing and goal setting. He has great ideas and obviously is well aware of the challenges we face on a daily basis. I hired him on a trial basis but many months later I still spend my time with him. Well worth the fee!”First Union Securities

“[Coach Joe] gives me clarity and focus in what is one fast-changing career, and that has enabled me to grow my business faster than before I met [him]. Thanks Coach!”Brian Drake, Vice President, Investments, Paine Webber

“When I opened the doors to my tax and accounting practice in 1996, my intent was to develop a diversified CPA firm with a focus on taxes, investments, and financial services. I found that building the tax side of the business was much easier than developing the investment side. Business grew each year, but not in the direction nor as quickly as I wanted it to. I hired Joe in June of 2000 with the intent that he help me grow the practice to the size and type of practice that I had in my mind. Joe helped me set specific goals; he holds me accountable, and he helps me clarify my thinking when confronted with important decisions. Now, after working together for 2 1/2 years, we have accomplished the 5-year goals that I had back [when we started]. Joe is not just a coach… he is a valued member of our team!”Carlos R. Romero, Lehman Brothers

“Joe’s ability to remain focused on the essentials of building my practice has proven to be invaluable to me. The platform we’ve established and work from has been very successful. One of the best business decisions I’ve ever made – highly recommended.”Weldon Reeves, CPA

“Working with Joe Lukacs has been a wonderful experience for me. I recently went through a major challenge in my career. Joe was my sounding board – he supported me in very trying times, he provided me perspective because he works with brokers and financial planners from diverse backgrounds and with a broad representation of firms. That kind of perspective is invaluable. Through it all he helped me stay focused on my business. Despite the distraction of almost one quarter’s production, I am still on track for a record year. What could easily have been a double in production without the distraction will prove short of that, but still substantially more than last year. Having a coach to help me work through all the challenges this business presents has been simply great!”James Philbin, Senior Income Solutions

“Joe Lukacs has provided an invaluable service in helping me to focus on those key activities vital to success in this industry, both short-term and long-term. His instructions have yielded immediate and measurable improvements on how I conduct my business. I don’t hesitate to recommend him to those individuals who want to truly make their business grow significantly, in order to secure long-term success and achievement. What makes him so effective and credible is his thorough knowledge of the financial advisor industry. He knows what works, and what may be a less efficient use of your time and resources. In short, he can give the financial advisor a blueprint for success that will be specific to his industry. The best money I’ve ever invested in my business has been in the advisory services of Joe Lukacs.”Barbara Fuksitima, Merrill Lynch

“Everyone talks about goals, but Joe was the only coach that showed me how to legitimately list my goals, and more importantly, follow them on a day-by-day basis. By speaking with Joe on a weekly basis, I was held accountable for the goals I had committed to during the previous conversation.”Brian J. Allen, Vice-President, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

“Put me on the list for Joe’s Fan club. I, too, have been around long enough to know what I’m doing. Wrong! Joe asked me what I wanted to accomplish. I jotted down a couple of things, and voilà! After two sessions I’m back on track and not half as frantic as I was before he came into my life. There really is something to this coaching stuff!”Peter A. Smith, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

“Working with Joe has had many great benefits. If one word would summarize what he has helped me do it would be focus. But, focus in many important areas. Joe has helped me boil down the most important issues of my entire business and life. Joe gets me to think through the challenges and the dynamics of a situation and focus on what is really important. This enables me to spend my energy and time on the most important aspects of my business and my life. This has made a huge difference in how I run my business and organize my personal life. My business has increased even in a very demanding environment and has enabled me to make smart choices on how I spend my time. This has made me more organized and efficient, and I feel more in control (less stressed) on a daily basis.”Nancy Langdon Jones, CFP

“I had a specific challenge/agenda to work on, and Joe asked me useful/difficult questions that enabled clarity and action. I got more done in four weeks that I had in the prior four months, as far as the specific challenge. As a thirty-year veteran of the financial service business, I too though that I knew most of what there is to know. Without hesitation, I commend the services of Joe Lukacs as an expert coach in our business.”Scott A. Hoke, CLU, Insurance Consultant, UBS Paine Webber

“Joe has both energized and focused my business. By doing that, both my revenue and earnings are up 25% this year and I am now recognized as one of the top 150 Account Executives doing managed accounts business out of over 9,600 Dean Witter Account Executives.”Curt Weil, CFP, Weil Capital Management

“I wanted to take a moment and give you some feedback on my brief history with your company; specifically my coach, Andrew Johnston.

Growing up as an athlete, I have always been very convinced of the value of a good coach. But when I first entered into the world of finances I worked with a regional broker/dealer that lead me only as far as their limited expertise could lead.

I became an independent financial advisor over a year ago in a very rural location and began to feel what I will call “professional isolation.” Neither the somewhat negative environment of my old office or the professional isolation of being on my own was beneficial. Then about three months ago I was referred to your services by a third party. Since that time, my fee-based income has grown 55%. From my initial communication with my coach, Andrew, I was immediately impressed with his insight into key issues in my business which could be improved. Specific recommendations have made a measurable difference in my attitude, confidence, and production. Andrew has also saved me real dollars when it comes to decisions about business expenses.

I look forward to continuing on the path that Andrew and I set in motion. It is exciting to be moving forward having removed some of the obstacles that were impeding my progress. Thanks for the great work.”Douglas A. Stewart, CSA, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)

“Andrew asked me what would happen if I just stopped thinking, and called some clients to ask them to invest in things I believed would improve their situation. Reluctantly, I did what he suggested, and earned an additional $10,000 over the next two weeks. More importantly, I re-discovered that it was fun to bring new things to the clients I believed were not open to new ideas. There is a world of opportunity around this one concept Andrew introduced to me.”Sam Dameron, CFP, Branch Manager, Persike and Dameron Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.

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