The official start of summer is just around the corner. With that comes a set of unique challenges for most advisors. You want to get out and enjoy the summer weather. Maybe your children are out from school. It’s vacation time. Time for some golf and tennis perhaps. It’s barbecue and boats for many. With all that being said, it’s also time to continue to grow your business. Below is my Do’s and Don’ts to make your summer fun and still move your goals forward.

  • Buy into the belief that you can’t do business in the summer months.
  • Believe that you can “flip” the momentum switch come Labor Day.
  • Believe it’s OK to come into your office and “hang-out” and play office.
  • Punish yourself if your are not achieving success by “grounding” yourself to your office.

  • Maintain your Daily Success Discipline (DSD). That means Morning Success Ritual & Daily Game Plan
  • Take time off (Renewal Time) even if you don’t plan to travel.
  • Shift your schedule. Leave early. Golf Fridays.
  • Go and see your clients. Hit the road and visit them.
  • Set the stage for a great fall by “planting” business development seeds all summer.
  • Schedule fun clients events “picnics and pig roast” for all.

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