Time, the only resource in our lives that we all have the same amount of. There are only 24 hours in all of our days and all our years consist of 365 days. Mastering your time is a strategy many advisors struggle with. Think about how much time each day, weekend year you squander. Many advisors operate with the obsolete concept of Monday-to-Friday, a couple of weeks “off” per year, and operating with the “groundhog day” execution, each day basically the same.

In this podcast I will discuss the following:
  • * Why the Monday-to-Friday concept is obsolete.
  • * Why the “I’ll do it later” is a productivity killer.
  • * How I and my clients execute the Magellan Time Model.
  • * What is Tactical Time.
  • * What is Strategic Time.
  • * What is Renewal Time.
  • * Some various examples on implementing these models.

As I mentioned in the podcast, any advisor can have 30 minutes of my time gratis. Please follow the link below for instructions.