PracticePower Academy Podcast #1129 “Why You Must Have the Right Morning Success Ritual”

How you start each day has a profound impact on your level of productivity and output. Your day is usually won or lost in the first hour. It is my conviction, in order to maximize our success in the game of  business and life, we must have a positive and powerful “pre-game” ritual. All elite athletes have a pre-determined, pre-event process they execute in order to put themselves in the proper physical and emotional state to go compete and most importantly win! Do you put yourself in a position to win each day by how you approach the first hour of your day?

In this episode I will cover the following:

  • My study of athletes and how I translated my finding to advisors.
  • What not to do first thing in the morning.
  • The basic syntax of a great morning success ritual.
  • Some enhancements and options that will really amp your success.
  • Some morning success rituals examples of my clients.

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