PracticePower Academy Podcast #1127 Understanding Your Personal Operating System (P.O.S)

I’m currently working on a new E-learning series of PracticePower Academy along with a live training presentation for my Magellan MasterMind. As I continue to deeply dive into the mind-set of advisors and myself, I have created a way of describing the way that we “operate” each day. I call this your “Personal Operating System” or P.O.S. for short. What make up your P.O.S.? It’s the combination of your Beliefs, Values, and the Rules associated with your Values. In this podcast I want to give you a preview and s short primer on why you need to understand your P.O.S.
In this episode let’s discuss:
  • What are beliefs and the different types.
  • What are Values and different types.
  • Why your Rules matter each day.
  • How all three have a massive impact on your success
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